Working Capital

working capital

Working capital is an absolute necessity in the small business world. When a business first gets going there might be plenty of capital available thanks to initial investments in the business. But over time those investments run out. What’s a small business to do if it:

  • Receives a sudden huge order it lacks the working capital to fill?
  • Has an unexpected opportunity to invest in lucrative assets?
  • Has an unexpected dip in sales?
  • Needs to expand in order to keep up with demand?

In each of these situations, a small business needs a short term, quick close financial solution. But many banks only make that type of loan to large businesses. Even if a small business has a great credit record, it still only has a 50% statistical possibility of receiving a short term, quick close loan from a traditional bank.

Do you need a short term, quick close financial solution? UGMC can help! At UGMC, we offer a range of solutions for your business when it needs a quick, short-term injection of funds. Our options include:

Sale Leaseback
This program allows you to refinance equipment or machinery, or the loan on a building or land, and then lease those assets back to yourself. This type of lease agreement normally has a limit of about three years.

Short-term Business Loan
Though this might prove more expensive than a standard bank loan, it is available to businesses that may not qualify for traditional loans and it closes faster, giving your business fast access to the funds it needs in order to achieve its immediate goals.

Merchant Loan
This type of loan allows the borrower to repay the lender through a percentage taken out of daily credit card transactions until the loan is repaid. Though more expensive than a traditional loan, the cash is available quickly and gets repaid out of sales. Normally this loan lasts between three and 15 months.

With this type of quick close, short term loan, the lender collects the accounts receivables for your business. After retaining a percentage, the lender then pays the remainder collected on to your business.

If you find that your business is suddenly in need of short term, quick close working capital, contact us at UGMC. We have a range of options for quick financing that will get you the cash you need without tying you up into a long term contract.

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