Property Type

Property Types

At UGMC, we service both commercial and residential real estate properties for all types of transactions anywhere in the US. Don’t let another real estate deal fall through. Whether your clients need financing for a single transaction or they need financing for multiple transactions in several states, call us at UGMC, We can help. Our expertise and experience allows us to secure
mortgage financing for all types of commercial and residential property types. In order for us to determine the best type of financing to offer each particular transaction, we designate properties according to two Property Classes relating to the property’s quality and liquidity, and the risk involved in the transaction.

  • *Multi-Family Residential
  • *Multi-Family Commercial
  • * Mixed-Use Properties
  • * Retail Properties
  • * Office...
  • * Mixed-Use Properties supporting commercial activities that affect residents’ health, comfort or safety (ex: bars, industry, automotive services,...
  • * Multi-Family Residential Properties
  • * Mixed-Use, Residential / Commercial Properties
  • * Properties with the highest value and the...

    To be designated as Class 1, a Mixed-Use Property must meet the following definitions:

  • * It must consists of first floor commercial space with...