The Next Generation

Non-Conforming Mortgage Solutions

If you are successful mortgage broker, banker, credit union or a bank than at some point a customer has asked you for a loan that wouldn’t qualify conventionally but if you`re like most mortgage companies you probably turned down these non-conforming borrowers. After all it`s not your area of expertise and quite frankly it can be difficult without the right funding source. But by saying NO, you are walking away from a valuable opportunity, a new stream of revenue, new clientele and new opportunities to grow your business. But with UGMC you don’t have to turn that deal down, we add value by providing a Smart, Fast and Easy way to fund investor 1-4 unit residential and commercial properties. So what makes us different? We have all the dependable characteristics of a bank and all the flexibility and speed of a private lender. Let us show you what we mean.

As a private lender we are not working for anyone but you, our clients. Also, since stated income loans have 30 year amortized terms, your borrower will not be faced with a balloon payment. Our common sense underwriting approach allows you to fund loans that banks won’t, because we never request paystubs or tax returns, we ignore DTI and we leave out the 4506T. We both know your borrowers deserve better options, and better options are exactly what we offer. At UGMC submitting your loan is a familiar process. We ask for the same documents you’re used to on residential deals, just a 1003 and a credit report, giving you a new stream of revenue without requiring you to change the way you already do business. In fact brokers, bankers and credit unions all over the US depend on UGMC for our proven track record and financial stability. So if you had access to a new stream of income with higher commissions and no risk or obligation and it was actually easier than closing residential loans you fund now, Why wouldn’t you want to pursue it? It`s time you discovered United Guaranteed Mortgage Company.