Our Bridge Loans

bridge loanUGMC (United Guaranteed Mortgage Company) is actively lending nationwide on special situations and time sensitive transactions from $2 million to $100 million.

Our bridge loans are 6 months – 3 years with rates starting at 9%.

We Lend on the Following Scenarios:

– Special situations

– Transitional Borrowers

– Time constrained deals (sub-30 day close)

– Transitional assets; bridge to stabilization

– ‘Story’ deals

– Discounted loan payoffs, lending up to 100% of cost

– Senior Stretch Financing

– Note financing

– Opportunistic acquisitions that require speed and structure

– Partnership buyouts

– Bridging the seasoning gap for Fannie/Freddie/HUD or CMBS takeout

Special situations for transitional borrowers, contact us for more information about our bridge loan program.

Call us today at 800–805-6945 or email us by clicking here.