Frequently Asked Questions

At UGMC we devote our time helping brokers, credit unions, conventional lenders and borrowers with Out of the Box financing. Our experience in this niche mortgage market has made as the most trusted private lending mortgage lender year over year. We handle the entire process in-house, we do not out-source our work so working with us is painless.

Usually our fees come directly from our private venture capital fund or from selling the loans on the secondary market. It also depends on the Terms chosen, some terms will ask for discount fees to be paid. Never guess, our fees will be disclosed in the Letter of Intent.

Contact one of our Account Executives and they will send you a broker approval application or one can be downloaded from this site ready for consideration. The approval process usually takes 3 business days as we perform a background check for every partner looking to join our team.

Primarily we are a commercial lender handling Multi-family, mixed use, retail, warehouses, self-storage, auto services and commercial condos. And 48% of our business is non-owner occupied residential 1-4 family properties including condos and non-warrantable condos too.