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Bridge-Rehab Mortgage Financing

Time To Diversify Your Origination Platform With Multiple Revenue Streams Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket! “No Seasoning On Refinances We Use Appraisal Value” “No Seasoning Of Funds On A Purchase” “We Offer Yield Spread/Rebate Pricing” “We Protect & Pay Our Brokers At Closing” “We Offer No Lender Fee Pricing Options” DON’T WANT TO […]

Multifamily Mortgages and What They Are

So what in the world is a multifamily mortgage? Well, don’t worry we can help you with a better understanding of them. Multifamily mortgages are loans that are usually used by apartment complexes that cover living space used by more than four families at a given time. Usually commercial uses and business are the ones […]