5 Reasons to Fund with UGMC

ugmc-5-reasons-to-fund-with-ugmcWe are following up to give you some key highlights on our program. UGMC is a wholesale, private lender, offering ‘No Income Verification’ financing. We lend on investment residential and commercial properties with rates between traditional banks and hard money.

Here’s 5 Reasons Brokers Fund with UGMC

  1. We never require tax returns, income statements, and no DTI analysis
  2. You earn up to 5 points on every deal (up to 2 YSP)
  3. Rates are as low as 6.74% with loan amounts from $75K – $5MM
  4. 650+ mid FICO qualifies your borrower, 620+ on the Fast 50 program
  5. No balloon payments- loans are fixed for 3 or 8 years & fully amortized over 30 years

Discover the difference UGMC can make in growing your business and your pipeline. Get in touch with us today to get started!

To contact us by phone please call 800–805-6945 or email us by clicking here.