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Non-Conforming Mortgage Solutions

If you are successful mortgage broker, banker, credit union or a bank than at some point a customer has asked you for a loan that wouldn’t qualify conventionally but if you`re like most mortgage companies you probably turned down these non-conforming borrowers.

After all it`s not your area of expertise and quite frankly it can be difficult without the right funding source. But by saying NO, you are walking away from a valuable opportunity, a new stream of revenue, new clientele and new opportunities to grow your business.

But with UGMC you don’t have to turn that deal down, we add value by providing a Smart, Fast and Easy way to fund investor 1-4 unit residential and commercial properties. So what makes us different? We have all the dependable...

Who is UGMC?

We’re a nationally recognized leader in non-conforming and commercial financing. We’re experts at helping all types of borrowers find funding to bring their visions to life. We’re masters of securing residential and commercial loans for all types of non-traditional borrowers.

  • Stated Income loans
  • Cash Flow loans
  • Asset Based loans
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Our Non-Conforming loan portfolio has made our Brokers look like Hero’s.

UGMC offers a variety of flexible and creative loans for the non-traditional borrower

Our non-conforming loan portfolio is perfect for the self-employed borrower or for those borrowers that have difficulty qualifying conventionally.

We take the guessing out of the equation and concentrate on what we do Best, and that is to offer an array of loan products that will fit any complex qualifying situation. Our popular Stated Income Residential program requires NO business,



At UGMC, we understand that it is not always possible or suitable to provide all of the income documentation that conventional lenders require. Your borrowers may be self-employed or the documents may simply not be available for some reason. We offer exceptional stated income loan products for residential properties Nationwide, and we want to help you achieve your borrowers financing goals through our Stated Income

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At UGMC, we offer innovative loan programs to help you better serve your borrowers. If your clients have non-traditional income sources, our Bank Statement Program can help you get them the lending they need to achieve their real estate goals. What's the UGMC Bank Statement Program all about? It's a program to help you provide loans for your non-traditional borrowers. Instead of requiring documentation like pay stubs or tax

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Non-Conforming Loan Programs

From Stated Income To Cash Flow To Asset Based To The Bank Statement Program, We Have A Loan Product For Any Loan Scenario. If You Have Loans That Are Falling Out From Your Conventional Lenders, Contact Us We Help Structure And Bring The Loan Back To Life.

Property Types

At UGMC, we service both commercial and residential real estate properties for all types of transactions anywhere in the US. Don’t let another real estate deal fall through. Whether your clients need financing for a single transaction or they need financing for multiple transactions in several states, call us at UGMC, We can help. Our expertise and experience allows us to secure
mortgage financing for all types of commercial and residential property types. In order for us to determine the best type of financing to offer each particular transaction, we designate properties according to two Property Classes relating to the property’s quality and liquidity, and the risk involved in the transaction.

  • *Multi-Family Residential
  • *Multi-Family Commercial
  • * Mixed-Use Properties
  • * Retail Properties
  • *...
  • * Mixed-Use Properties supporting commercial activities that affect residents’ health, comfort or safety (ex: bars, industry, automotive...
  • * Multi-Family Residential Properties
  • * Mixed-Use, Residential / Commercial Properties
  • * Properties with the highest value...

    To be designated as Class 1, a Mixed-Use Property must meet the following definitions:

  • * It must consists of first floor commercial...

Frequently Asked Questions

At UGMC we devote our time helping brokers, credit unions, conventional lenders and borrowers with Out of the Box financing. Our experience in this niche mortgage market has made as the most trusted private lending mortgage lender year over year. We handle the entire process in-house, we do not out-source our work so working with us is painless.
Usually our fees come directly from our private venture capital fund or from selling the loans on the secondary market. It also depends on the Terms chosen, some terms will ask for discount fees to be paid. Never guess, our fees will be disclosed in the Letter of Intent.
Contact one of our Account Executives and they will send you a broker approval application or one can be downloaded from this site ready for consideration. The approval process usually takes 3 business days as we perform a background check for every partner looking to join our team.
Primarily we are a commercial lender handling Multi-family, mixed use, retail, warehouses, self-storage, auto services and commercial condos. And 48% of our business is non-owner occupied residential 1-4 family properties including condos and non-warrantable condos too.

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Foreign Nationals Program Requirements

NO FICO Necessary NO Proof of Income Necessary NO SS Necessary NO Citizenship Necessary NO Green Card Necessary N/O/O Purchase...
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Fix and Flip Program requirements

Short Term - No Pre Pay - No Minimum Interest Submission Requirements: AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, MT, NE, NM,...
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Bank Statement Programs

At United Guaranteed Mortgage Company, we offer innovative loan programs to help you better serve your borrowers. If your clients...